Matters of the Heart (An IC and OOC Journey)

Moon Guard
And behold, a single figure stood atop the great stone platform that sits before the great tree within the twilight grove. His frame silhouetted against the swirling energies of the portal that beheld a dormant entrance to the emerald dream. This man stood, arms opened wide and he spoke. "Come, bring me your sick, your wounded, and weary, and I will heal them. Bring me your tired and weak, and I will feed them. Show me your weeping and anguished and I will comfort them."

IC Tidbits: There's a certain spot within the Guardians that our intrepid druid seeks to fulfill; the Heart. The healer of any and all woes or ailments that may befall any visitor of the grove or its inhabitants. To be called the Heart of the Guardians one must complete a set of challenges before he may take the position of beta.

The individual must perform three healings. One of the body, a physical wound or ailment. One of the mind, troubled thoughts or perhaps stress. And lastly, one of the spirit, a blemish on the soul, or a taint within that needs to be cleansed.

Along with the task of the guardian's health and wellbeing the Heart must also know of all spiritual paths that are spread across Azeroth, this includes but is not limited to; the worship of nature, the Light, the Loa, the elements, and so on.

To complete these is to become the Heart of the Guardians, and stand with the Alpha, and beside the Claw and the Voice as leaders.
OOC Snippets and nuggets: Now I as an individual and active member of the guild want to play my part as best I may and be the beta/officer that the guild can use.

Now all of these challenges would be nigh impossible to hunt down and pursue in-game, so here I am on seeking help on the forums for any able-bodied and willing RPers to help me complete them. That is not to say I want them to be easy, this is far less about simply being promoted within the guild as much as it is my own growth as a roleplayer and a writer. As much as my druid learns of the individual paths and lifestyles of others I learn just as much if not more, and seek to better myself for it.

As I thought all of this up while at work, I didn't manage to write it down, so the OOC portion I am at a loss for much of what I had thought up. But the gist of it is I want to get out of the grove and RP about the world, my druid isn't going to learn about the Loa inside the city walls, thats for sure.
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Page 3 and not even a reply.. This is depressing.
Looks great! I love the idea, although my druid is currently in a guild, so I don't think I can be of much help. Unless this isn't limited to just Heartsong Guardians?
Not sure if I understood your response correctly, but its a personal thing for this druid to become the Heart, and frankly, he's going to need help.
Long and short, the challenge is for him to seek out folks to heal, and to talk to about the various spiritual paths to learn of their important bits. The position is that of spiritual leader and
Much to do, more to learn.

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