90's ganking.

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Quoted from the World of Warcraft Terms of Use Agreement: "You should always remember to protect yourself where members of a hostile race can attack you."

The problem is that you CAN'T protect yourself against a player who is substantially higher than you are. Since gear is such a deciding factor in this game, not even your average 90 is going to have much of a chance against a full Dreadful Gladiator geared 90. What chance would a lower level have? Basically this makes that level 90 a 'god' that can go around and kill whoever they feel like indiscriminately. This is seriously impacting the game because I can't even quest on my alts without getting killed repeatedly by a level 90. Any ideas anyone?
12/06/2012 04:11 AMPosted by Yubz
I Love the '90s

80s was where it was at.

I have an idea. Go play a PVE realm.
I'm a 90's kid.
You can run, you can get some friends, or you can
12/06/2012 04:20 AMPosted by Kareese
Go play a PVE realm.
OMG you guys are gonna complain till things are changed then say "remamber when everyone on pvp realms could attack any enemy"
12/06/2012 04:11 AMPosted by Yubz
I Love the '90s

Yus the 90's where pretty awesome.
Look at it this way.

At least they're killing defenseless pixels, instead of killing defenseless people. : D

Edit: But really, jokes aside? Ganking is the reason why I loved the revamped dungeon finder when it first came out. Cause, you know, I played on a PvP realm them, and it felt SO good to be able to sit in Stormwind and just queue up for the faceroll low-level dungeons where we had 5 DPS and everything just melted cause the Cata pre-patch hadn't hit yet to buff dungeon mobs and bosses.

Those first couple of weeks after that patch? Pure hell as people slowly realized you couldn't massacre everything with 5 DPS; that you actually needed a tank and healer.

. . . Where am I?
12/06/2012 04:24 AMPosted by Jondus
OMG you guys are gonna complain till things are changed then say "remamber when everyone on pvp realms could attack any enemy"

Lol. If only people could complain that much. It's fairly obvious Blizz doesn't mind complete and total ganking.

Ganking a level 50 with a 90 is GOOD because it's PvP that's fair....

Pre-made Battleground groups are BAD, because they are against other people of the same level that are equipped with less gear and coordination....

I don't get the logic, but that's the Blizzard stance.
Protect yourself by moving to a PvE server. You asked for that treatment by rolling on a PvP server. They bring out the worst in the human race.
12/06/2012 04:11 AMPosted by Yubz
I Love the '90s

The 90s brought us Demolition Man, Starship Troopers and Batman Returns

But then it also brought us Justin Bieber and Generation Y...

all the 80s ever did was give us bad hair and leg warmers

the 90s will destroy humanity.
There are plenty of anti-ganking tools you can use while leveling.

Blackened Worg Steak and Elixir of Camouflage do like 90% of the job.

If you wanna go one step further carry around Invisibility and Deepholm potions.
This is nothing new, you simple just die at their hands. No different than 7 or 8 years ago with the mass carnage that happened in STV (Stranglethorn Vale) on a daily basis. When level 60's ruled the day.

As you can see I have moved to a pve server as playing on a pvp server is not for me. Getting ganked didn't bother me, I just didn't have it in me to do it back. Plus I didn't feel I had that "it's red it's dead" attitude. I would see people questing, farming whatever and I just didn't have the heart to mess up their day. So I left.

However, I always felt when Bliz lifted the following rules no good would come of it.
1. You can not have a Horde and Alliance toon on the same pvp server per account.
2. You can not transfer a toon from a PvE server to a PvP server.

When a person can level on a pve server and transfer to a pvp server. Just what kind of mind set are you allowing to go to the pvp server, without having paid their dues. In paying their dues, I mean what it's like to actually level on a pvp server. In general (not all cases) but I believe it's the mind set that likes to play games with cheat codes and PWN nOobZ!
OMG you guys are gonna complain till things are changed then say "remamber when everyone on pvp realms could attack any enemy"

They'd lose more players if that happened then if they continue to ignore people who don't know how to choose the correct server.

Protect yourself, have a main near the area where you are questing. Ask in general, guild, friends, etc. You have options, and if you feel being able to be immune to pvp unless you want to fight, your best option is get off the pvp server.
This is how it was before most of the Wrath babies joined.
Being on a pvp server should be fun. I loved Tb on my 85's. When firelands came out, tb mellowed and pvp sort of dwindled. I love MoP because you never know when world pvp is going to start up. It's not as fun as STV was, but it is fun.
However, that being said, I think the cowardly punks and punkettes who like ganking people 20 levels below them make pvp servers un-fun. If you want to pvp in hellfire, make a dk, level him in a few hours, and go pvp with folks who at least stand a chance to win.
I play on a pvp server because i love pvp. I hate bullies who play on a pvp server so they can mess with people who cant fight back. It reminds me of the bullies in high school who picked on the nerdy kids. I hated you punks then too. And no, I wasnt the nerdy kid, I was the long haired guy who rode a motorcycle to school and kicked your behinds if you got anywhere near me.
It is supposed to be player verses player, not player bulliying noobs. Big difference you jerks.

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