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Hello, its been awhile since i've been on these forums. I was wondering, can you use heirloom gear for transmogrification? Im mostly wondering about Blood soaked skull reforged reaver and Venerable mass of Mcgowan. My second question is can a "main hand' weapon be used to Transmogrify a "one hand" weapon?
For your second question: currently the answer is no. Main hand has to be transmogrified into something else also labelled main hand.

For your first question: do you mean transmogrifying an heirloom chest (for instance) to look like something else? That's definitely do-able, as long as the armor types match (cloth to cloth, leather to leather, etc.). You also need to be able to equip/wear the item - i.e. if you'd like to transmogrify an heirloom chest to look like something that requires you to be a higher level to equip it, then it won't work.
Yes yes, thank you very much :D
So i can make a heirloom chestplate look like the one im wearing as long as its same armor type? (cloth, leather, mail.)
There are only two "gotchas" that apply to bind-on-account items for transmogrification that you don't have to worry about (as much) with regular items.

1) Sending an item through the mail or putting it into void storage strips its transmogrification.

2) You have to be able to wear the item you're using for appearance, and it has to be the same type. This is only (more of) an issue with heirlooms that scale their type below level 40. Plate heirlooms have to be transmogged to plate items, for example, even when they're scaled to mail. But you can't wear plate until level 40, so you can't wear something transmogged with a plate item. Which means, effectively, you can't transmog plate below level 40. Same applies for mail wearers with mail heirlooms scaled to leather. You could, if you're just swimming in heirlooms, use mail heirlooms with mail transmogs below level 40, then switch to plate heirlooms with plate transmogs.
Ratatoskr's explanation above details why you won't be able to make a plate heirloom chest look like the mail one you're currently wearing. Even though a plate heirloom chest will scale down to mail until you reach level 40, the system still considers it to be plate, and therefore it can't be transmogrified to look like the mail chest you have on. I don't know offhand if the same, or similar, look exists in plate - one place to check is wowhead, since when you look up a particular gear item, there's an option to see "Same model as," which will list all other items that have the same look (though often in different colours).
Okay thank you both.
Okay thank you both. Oh one last question, some of the heirloom gear icons appear red but when i mouse over it there are no restrictions that says i cant use it, what does this mean? and ive seen other players both horde and alliance use it, does this mean i can use it too?
Remember what Rat said about certain pieces of gear upgrading when you gain the ability to wear plate? They list as red because as far as the game is concerned, they're plate, but you can use them as mail so long as you're <40.
Ok thank you all very much!
12/06/2012 07:27 AMPosted by Rubberchops
My second question is can a "main hand' weapon be used to Transmogrify a "one hand" weapon?

Currently - no. However Blizzard has said they would like to change that, so in patch 5.2 you may be able to.

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