Pet Battles
Will be the death of me. Sometimes I cry myself to sleep knowing one is out there without a home.
Don't give up, Starkist! I hope you get one soon. :)
surprisingly we haven't seen crimsonmage showing up here..

Logged in after a maintenance, nabbed 3 rares (in a row), awwww yeah.

But yeah, I had given up on trying to find one normally.
I caught an uncommon one the first time I few by the spawn area.
No luck on the mini yet. Hunting and posting for 3 days now.
I've checked for this damn pet a million times. I have every other rare I've tried to get (haven't looked for the stunted yeti yet) but since battlepets came out I've never even seen the bloody minfernal.

I'll get it out of the way.

Crimsonmage says, "I have three minfernals."
I don't normally post in threads with little or no content, I'm sorry you don't have one, and none have popped up in my daily flyovers, so CRZ is out for now, but invoking my catchphrase on my behalf is not ok.

don't see me walking around going like "hey look guys, would you like some moozipan? No? I made it myself!".

I bet it tastes like udder trash.
I felt that way with Loque'nahak when I spent over 8 hours a day flying around in the Basin for over a month.... I did manage to snag him when wrath was still current content. Though, I'm feeling the same way with the minifernal. I'd be insanely lucky to find a grey, let alone the right breedID.

One day... Maybe I'll be lucky and find a low population CRZ to transfer my horde paladin too.
12/06/2012 02:49 PMPosted by Kutas
I caught an uncommon one the first time I few by the spawn area.
and now I have a rare
Personally, I don't believe they exist. I see them flying over zone, but..what I really want to know is: WHICH DANGED REALM ARE THEY ON?


/wanders off to continue leveling her pets
The interview has me excited for 5.2...and grats on your rare.
After hours of farming that area in search of the elusive minfernal, I found myself wishing I would see any sort of Green Paw in my minimap. I was quasi happy to see a tainted rat as it at least got my heart jumping temporarily. I got mine finally after about a week of camping a toon there and checking back every so often.

Good luck
When I caught my Minfernal I literally raced a goblin to a green paw. We both pulled short when we saw it was a Tainted Rat...

I /rude-ed it and cast Icy Touch then got ready to leave when it hit me... I had *never* seen anything spawn in the Shattered Scar Vale. So maybe the respawn timers are up?! So I kept flying and found 3 in the southern part of the Vale and caught 2 (I was hunting breeds / rares don't hate me).

There were a ton of people in Felwood that day too, but they were all camping the pools. So my experience with this and the Scourged Whelpling is that the spawning area is bigger than the 'ground' features on the minimap.

I caught my Minfernal pretty far south; almost at the river where the aquatics spawn. So don't restrict yourself to the black scars on the minimap; the Vale is much bigger than that!

Similarly I've seen Scourged Whelplings in the foothills south of the 'icy flat' on Sindragosa's fall, so don't think they only spawn on the discolored part of the minimap either.
They keep finding me in SW asking to be captured!


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