CONGRATULATIONS recruiting tanks and people

CONGRATULATIONS is recruiting one extremely good looking tank to fill our last spot in our 10 man raid group. Currently 1/6 HM MV & 2/6 HOF. Past raid experience would be nice but not required. Please have an item level of at least 475 and a transmog which will make Spøøn proud! We also are recruiting any casuals to do random things and look fantastic while doing it! If interested message Monkii, Drewidsbest, Olympusmons, or Justintwo for more info! Feel free to add me on real id if you can't get ahold of one of us in game...
No meanies!
12/04/2012 10:04 PMPosted by Olympusmons
No meanies!

Well, darn. So much for my app.
IF you are extremely good looking we can bypass the meanies part... but only if you are super sexy!
We Need a Reliable Tank!!
LETS go !@#$%^-s, get ur sexy transmog, learn to hold aggro and kill bosses.....we need this i want a partner for life i cant do this alone!!!!!!
I can only hold bosses and kill aggro :/
I'm in this guild.
Bumping again..... still need a tank!!!!!!
Still looking for that elusive tank I see!!
You guys seem bad.. I'd fit right in! I'll xfer today and be your sexy tank!! xD

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