Does Scroll of Resurrection delete heirlooms?

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I got the SoR, and I did it on a character that had heirlooms on, then when I went on him, the heirlooms were gone.
If you did the bump to level 80 part on that character, all the gear and bags would have been exchanged for level 80 appropriate gear. The gear he was wearing will be mailed to the character so if he had been wearing heirlooms they should be contained in that mail.

In actual answer to your question ... no the SOR would not delete heirlooms.
Dang, my harddrive crashed after I did SOR, and I didn't play WoW for a while. There goes my Heirlooms :p
Anyways, thank you.
Put in a ticket, game masters may be able to restore mail that may have expired. Worth a shot at least to get those items back.
Everything should have been sent to you via mail, Regestal. As suggested by Tiddlywinks, open a ticket and our game masters can take a look.

Make sure you specify what heirlooms you're missing. While restorations are never guaranteed, it's definitely worth a shot. :)

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