<Entensity> [H] 10m Recruiting Tank&Mage

<Entensity> is a 10 man semi-hardcore raiding guild looking to recruit a new tank and Mage for our progression team. Must have at least 485 item level, and be very familiar with your class/spec. Good raid experience is also required.

Raid times are Tuesday/Thursday 7:15pm-11:15pm server and Friday 8:15pm-12:15pm server.

We are currently:
4/6H msv
6/6 Hof
4/4 Terrace

We are looking for any one of these tanks:
Prot pally
Blood DK
Prot Warrior

And a Fire mage

If you have any questions or interest contact either Bajwa or myself in game or via mail.
Are you still looking for a tank? I'm thinking of moving back to my home server and changing back to horde with the rest of my toons.
Still looking if you are still interested and keeping an eye on this. Haha.

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