Brewmaster tank LF Raid group

So it's about that time eh chap?

So I'm looking to get into a raid group here on Proudmore. When MoP dropped I was in the middle of a relocation for work, so I'm a bit behind on gearing up, but I should have run heroics enough to get rid of the last couple of pieces of sub 463 gear by the next reset.

A bit about me. I have raided at least casually since tier 7. I have put in some work for heroic kills in several of the tiers. I will have near 100% raid attendance. Basically I never miss a raid unless something crazy goes down.

I'm looking for an early evening week night raiding group that needs a tank. I am willing to learn how to play Windwalker if necessary for some fights, but I leveled as a Brewmaster and I enjoy tanking.

I am planning for this character to be my main this expansion, so I'm usually on him if you feel like dropping me a line just /t Wangchin.

Hey there Wangchin!

I won't bore you with a wall of text when you can get all that from our forum. We at Strangely Ironic are currently forming a Tues/Thurs team that runs at 6-8 pm server time. We indeed have a need for an off tank. You can read about us at and if you like waht you see fill out a quick application.

We have other people in our guild who have had real life get in the way of getting geared for raiding so it will be a fresh start for everyone in the team. We are not hard core nor elitists, but a casual guild with a lot of friendly people. We take raiding seriously, but put peole first and know the importance of the learning curve in raiding and forming a solid raid team. We help peach other become better raiders and a stronger team. Check us out!
I'm still looking around a bit. Hoping to get rid of these last few sub 463s and have a raiding home by tues.

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