Purple procs question

So this question is for shadow. I know the one purple line on the left means mindspike proc and the purple clump above your head means mind blast proc but what do the two purple curves lines on either side of you mean?
Shadow Word: Insanity. Activates with 4 seconds left on your Shadow Word: Pain.

You'll see this sometimes whether or not you have the talent, but if someone in your group has it. When their or your (not sure which) SW:P gets to 4s, you get their light up. It's a touch confusing if you're not sure what's up.

If you're not using the Power Word: Solace talent, ignore it. Doesn't apply to you.
Has anyone else noticed that there is like, you know those green lines that appear when you hit certain rep levels, purple ones of those appearing sometimes when you cast on a shadow priest ?
I found a way to get them to always show up, try to place your Psyfiend somewhere it won't go.

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