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I have an unusual problem that I haven't come across before. I just got a new computer and monitor so I'm still working out the kinks and this is one of them. Whenever I load into World of Warcraft or D3 my mouse gets really jumpy and sometimes stops moving then jumps to the other side of the screen where it would have been if it hadn't stopped moving. Or it just stops moving for a period of time and doesn't recover at all. My keyboard also has an issue. On the internet or wherever I am it works fine but whenever I load into a game its like it gets sticky keys. It will randomly hold a button down for a long time and then stop. it hasn't been the same key twice yet and I can't figure out why its doing it. The keyboard isn't even a week old and I just changed the mouse batteries. Any ideas as to what is causing this and how to fix it? It also happens when not in a game and I'm just casual browsing.
What kind of mouse/keyboard?

Are they wireless? You say you have batteries in your mouse, so I'd think so.

In that case, maybe it's interference from another source, or just a bad receiver.
They are both bluetooth connected. The mouse is a Logitech mouse

And the keyboard is

The mouse came with a receiver and I had to buy a dongle for the keyboard which I purchased at Best Buy for $20
I'm wondering if the two receivers are incompatible.

Try replacing one or the other with a wired variant.

If you want to remain wireless, you can get a wireless keyboard to go with that mouse, or you could get a combo that works with both.

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