Pandemonium Recruiting 2.k+ players

LVL 25 Horde vashj guild is recruiting 2k+ players, as long as you have a 2k+ achieve in anything your accepted. We have a strong half of a group, msg me in game for more info.
Maybe you would have more players eager to join your guild if you weren't sleazy.

What I mean is, if you're going to camp a spawn, as a guild, invite others to the party instead of round-the-clock AoEing the spawn point.

Bad reputations follow guilds.
Is that the toon you plan on bringing? Just wondering cause we found a hunter.
No, my Warrior. Drakory, Prot War FC.
2121CR, 436k hp unbuffed, 68.05%res.
Not exactly sure how to add your battle tag. keeps saying "player not found"
2246 Last season in RBG's // Recently 2210 in 3's

This toon is going to be 90 tonight and I'll be gearing him the next few days after. I'm an ex-glad, ex-hota 2700 Resto Shaman(on another account, this one was made in cata for refer a friend but you can see my 2200+ 3s achievement on this account either way.), I've also played every healer at 2200+ besides monk so I'm not completely new to resto druid.

I also have an ex-glad rogue who's been playing mage the past few seasons who wants to come, he is almost full malevolent. I also know a 2200 shadow priest that would probably be interested.

Not really expecting you to take an undergeared 0 CR alt, but if you do I won't disappoint. Not like RBGs are hard or anything lol. If you're looking for someone with more gear, I might be down to come on my shaman, either way hit me up.

Here's my battletag if you're interested. Dingo#1937
kk adding everyones battle tag, i figured out why i couldnt before... i ddnt have one lol.
Mine is Demo#1234 for anyone LF a FDK

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