Why don't mages have a good self heal?

12/07/2012 01:11 PMPosted by Rore
they burst most classes down in a matter of seconds

Coming from a hunter that is rather hilarious to hear.

12/07/2012 01:11 PMPosted by Rore
bubble which has massive absorb

60k is a massive absorb? I wasn't aware. I'll be sure to think of this when i'm hit for 100k+ hits during an average arena match.
12/09/2012 08:56 PMPosted by Koviko
Frostbolt + Ice Lance

2 GCDs right there. Argument is invalid.
Glyphed evocation with the level 90 talent is your best self heal, heals for 60% at the end of casting.
Got to love how many people are taking this thread so seriously from a lv 1 who if people didn't know might be trolling. and I cant say alot about pvp cause i do it for fun and never serious but just seeing a hunter complain about mages burst makes me sad when i see them blow all cds and pet kills the enemy for them and if they dont die during the first set of cds they can refresh all of them and go again but eh this is my opinion have fun with this thread :)
Mages do fine on self heals Arcanes can still spellsteal from behind groups and 4% heal themselves full <i do it alot>

Lock self healing is IFFY and is not in the context of this discussion
This is for Dest
Dark regen... Actually good useful and handy ESPECIALLY with glyphed Healthstones in this case yes we can heal with a CD along with blowing our embers for heals 18-35% depending on mastery but there went our damage or killshot ability
Imps have a heal not good enough in combat

Soul link - Shares healing/damage with pet drops pets health by half you get increased healing ect ect blah--- Problem someone one shots pet i lose a huge chunk of my life lost my pet no extra healing big waste with no pet UNLESS and i just found this out since its not in the tooltips :)
Grim of Sacrifice + soul link = 2% health regen and 20% max hp increase <combine with voidwalker for insane HP> yes THAT kinda works but like imp cauterize useful out of combat more
Harvest life...Unless your an afflic who just burned a shard before casting<33% increase healing> this or there are like 15+ players in front of you with pets minions ect this will not keep you alive in a poopstorm
Soul leech works wonders with the glyph to heal from main dot as an affliction warlock it IS possible <high stats gear> to burn down someone and heal through someone else wailing on you if the situation is good<not all that likely but happens> but doing that removes ALL instant heals minus Hstone so its give and take we can insta heal on cooldowns or constant heal
SOul leech is not advised as Destruction unless you have Aoe talent for FnB mass attacks go with DR

Also remember to turn fear from a castable into a instant with a cd costs 10% health thats around 40k HEALTH a cast for me and mortal coil is 3 seconds for 15% most people after 3 seconds come back and hurt me
It's not about PvP and I think that is where this discussion gets railroaded, by people saying "you just suck at pvp", which would be true, but that isn't the real issue. Neither is the real issue leveling, mobs can be downed at a fast speed while avoiding taking damage. The issue is about not having a time efficient form of self healing after damage has been taken unintentionally AND the battle has already been won (such as pulling unintentional adds, or after surviving a ganking). After things like this happen it really feels like there is nothing the mage can do as it currently takes 20 seconds to eat conjure food to top off; which is ample time for mobs to respawn, or that ganker to return to his body. It is definitely a problem! All they need to do is make a passive to make mages eat conjured food 20-25% faster OR 50-75% faster with a cooldown similar to the one evocation had (it would still be slower than evocation).
[What year is this]
All hail lord necro!
12/05/2012 10:54 PMPosted by Cathom
I am sure people will flame me for asking since we are fotm epic damage ez mode in pvp right now, but I am genuinely curious.

All the other pure dps classes have self heals baseline, than us (correct me if I am wrong).

Rogues, locks and warriors all have some good self heals, but all we have is evocation with a glyph which needs to be channeled and can be interrupted.

We get shield to mitigate damage but they can be purged.

Is there something I am missing?

First of all Mage was always meant to be a glass cannon, it is just the way that we work. Lately though Mage isn't putting out that good of damage (especially fire), and as a result we feel that gimps us to be able to nuke like we are suppose to be able to.

The Mage play style is to avoid damage with sanres, roots, mobility, absorption shields, and our very powerful Iceblock immunity. We don't really need much self heals because of this, and honestly what we have right now via cold snap and glyph of regenerative ice is about perfect.

I think that considering the state of other classes we probably do need another absorption like mana shield though, but if they brought certain totally unfair classes in line then it would aid in our survivability overall because it wouldn't take us an absurdly long amount of time to even hope to kill them.

What is happening right now is that some Mages are getting jealous of the outrageous self heals that they are seeing from classes like Rets and Ferals, but honestly they are just broken and need tuning. Also remember that is not our way to be able to cast heals on ourselves constantly, that is what Priest, Pally, Druid, and Shaman do because it is in fact their way.
11/21/2014 02:01 AMPosted by Fuzecast
[What year is this]

Haha I just noticed that, but funny enough the thread is still totally relevant since a lot of Mages are in fact asking for self heals right now.

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