Can't login for almost a week now. Error #107

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How do I get this fixed? I'm living in Malaysia and accessing US servers.
Are you able to test logging in from another location/computer? This will help me determine if it is local based (computer) vs server side based (our side).

Most reports I've seen are due to local based stuff due to network issues, but with the increase of reports stating it isn't resolved it might be something else. I'll need this information so I can start doing some additional troubleshooting.
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I have two laptops, both Mac's. I can't access WoW on both of them. Not from the office and not from my home.
have you tried changing password? sometimes when account level got a little messed up during D3 it self fixed by changing password to reset the account status. Worth a try. If it doesn't work worst you have to do is change pw back or get used to a new pw :)

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