[RP] Hard Sunshine

Emerald Dream
((Ganked some random worgen and decided to write about it.))

Daylight hit the ragged edges of the Storm Peaks like a mailed fist. The sun provided little warmth, but when it hit the snow it reflected back like a looking glass, and all who made their way along the icy cliffs would shield their eyes or be blinded by it.

Bran adjusted his goggles and adjusted his footing. He was perched on a small outcrop jutting out from the side of a massive glacier with a rope around his waist, tied off to a pike in the ground at the other end. His cleated boots meant a bit more stability, but he was careful just the same. It wouldn’t do any good to lose his footing now and have to climb back up. He could miss his target, or worse, be seen.
He pushed his thick leather cloak back over his shoulder and raised his bow. Far below, trudging through the snow, was a worgen who’d gotten stuck up to his knees. He was moving slowly, clearly fatigued from the weight of himself and his gear and the lack of heat. Shivering kept him warm, but tired him out. Even if they met on foot, Bran wondered if the worgen would have strength enough to fight.

Bits of snow clung to the beast’s fur, and his leathers were covered with huge chunks of hanging ice. The poor beast must have been out in the cold all night. K3 wasn’t too far off; a few kilometers perhaps, and the druid was headed in the right direction. Hope, Bran smiled. Hope was keeping the old boy going.

The ranger pulled an arrow from its quiver and nocked it, taking aim at the worgen. It would be easy to hit him in the side, with his arms folded across his chest, but he couldn’t be sure how many layers the beast was wearing, and the ice that clung to him could serve as an extra layer on top of that. He raised his sights to the beast’s neck: Thick and bent and open. No hood in such weather. Unlucky.

Bran straightened himself and drew back the string, his eye on the prize. One more pelt and he was done.

The worgen let out a loud yelp as the arrowhead drove through his neck, embedding itself in his flesh up to the shaft. He struggled for a moment, grabbing at the arrow, screaming more in surprise than pain as the snow around him bloomed with color. He struggled and tripped over his own weight, trapped by the heavy snow, and lie still.

Bran quickly scanned the area to make sure no one had been following the worgen, someone he might have missed, but around him lie nothing but the snow, brilliant and blinding under the morning sun. He tugged on his rope once, twice, testing the strength of the steel pick embedded in the ice and jumped over the side of his little post. He was light enough not to sink beneath the snow like the druid had, and his hands were quick and skilled enough to get a proper hide before midday.

Last one, and then he could go. If he moved quickly enough, he could get back to Grizzly Hills by nightfall, and spend his final day in Northrend in the company of his young friend who missed him so.

The old ranger winced when he hit the ground. He may look young to an outsider, but he was old for a ranger, and the cold affected his joints more than he cared to admit. He could see the body lying a few hundred meters off, and what seemed like such a short distance up on the cliff now seemed like a journey all on its own. The red stain on an otherwise pristine landscape wouldn’t stay that way for long. Snow would move in, or predators, scavengers, or all three. He picked himself up, walking easily on the dense snow where the worgen had struggled and fallen through, and pulled his cloak tight around his shoulders. If he slowed now, he might slow forever. If he thought about his age, it would get to him, and he would falter. Caught in the snow, taking days off to rest his joints, eating softer foods for a softer life, retirement…

Bran shook his head and began to walk. Not today. Maybe later, but not today.
(( I will continue your rp for you ))Bran looks up and sees birds overhead, as he mounts his mighty steed named fluffulufaguss he sees a sweet old lady baking pie. The old lady looked out her window and smelled the fresh air, "hello over there bran come join me for a meal!Right then a monstrous roar came from the sky! "LANDSHARK" grandmother bigglesbottom screamed!The landshark crashed right into grandmothers house and rushed towards bran with its land fins of doom! Bran dodges his deadly laser beam eye blast and bran leaps toward him with his mighty sword, "by the power of zeus" just then the clouds turned dark and swirled bran the mighty warrior had summoned zeus to avenge the death of his grandmother and her apple pie. Just as they were about to destroy the landshark with the power of the Greek gods it started to rain, before they knew it there was a giant fish beast god called Neptune riding towards them on a tidal wave, Both the sides rushed towards each other with create haste! Neptune hit them with the title wave, just then Zeus shot a lightning bolt and it hit the water electrocuting everyone causing instantaneous death, but not the landshakr oh no, the landshark was grounded... because he is a LAND shark you see.The landshark swam and walked at the same time into the sunset.

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