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Anyone know of a good server with excellent PvE progression? I haven't played since TBC so I'm kind of...outdated.

I heard Illidan was good but it's overpopulated. I'm planning to create a toon in Mal'Ganis because I heard it's also pretty good.
There's too many servers (240+ on the North American client) and only 10-15 regulars here. So even with our collective knowledge, we can't keep track of how all the servers are doing.

There are several sites that DO keep track of the various tidbits of information about all the servers though. You'll find them all listed as links in the "How to choose a server guide" sticky thread near the top of this forum. Using the tips in that thread, and the info from the various links, you should be able to pick out a server for yourself.
Mal'ganis and Illidan have some of the more progression oriented guilds within the NA servers.

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