Any RP guilds play morning/early afternoon?

Moon Guard
I'm having a very hard time finding any active RP guilds on WRA that play around 8 am Est-2pm Est. I know this server is a little closer to EST play times (only an hour behind), so I'm wondering if there are any RP-heavy that are active during morning/early afternoon hours?

More specifically, a guild either on Horde or Alliance that isn't military-RP based, just because military style RP isn't a big interest with me. Nor is Blood Elf-centric RP (no offense, just not my thing). I am also not especially interested in ERP-centric guilds. Just old fashioned, story-telling style Roleplay with character development and a nice level of activity, both IC and OOC-wise.

Thanks in advance
I'm not sure on their play hours, but if you're looking for a good Horde centric guild then I suggest the Kor'Kron Legion. They are military based, but great role players, leadership, and they love green.
Thanks for the name drop, but I'm really specifically trying to avoid military themed guilds. I've just never found them to be my cup of tea.
Most RP guilds on A-Side at least, have later play times then that for RP events.

I think the same goes for Horde side, but do not quote me on that.

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