Imperial Silkworm not showing up

Mobile Bug Report
Today I received an Imperial Silkworm from my daily Tailoring cocoon. After logging off, I went into the Mobile Armory App on my phone (iPhone 3GS, iOS6, app version 5.1.0) and I was able to see the Silkworm in my inventory.

(I think) I was able to post the Silkworm on the AH but now when I check the AH via either the App or the Website, my Silkworm auction does not show up and the Silkworm no longer appears in my inventory.

I haven't been able to get back into game to check if it is still in my bags. Anyone else having this problem? Thanks in advance.
As I've mentioned on a number of occasions in the forum, we have Pet Cages disabled for the time being. There's a server bug and Pet Cages are exacerbating the issue. We're working on this now.

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