I play WoW because...

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I'd rather play WoW than watch TV when it's -40 below and I don't feel like shoveling out the car and freezing in the cold.

Yeah, I play a lot more WoW during the winter.

Lots of -40 weather here I feel your pain! Winter = gamer hermit time for me
To bombard my excessively analytic mind and thus possibly educing some sort of stress-free mindset where I can then fool myself into believing this game is kind of fun. Kinda.

I play WoW to see just how low people can go. I do that too.
Well my husband and I play WoW because it is cheaper than going out to dinner, cheaper than going to the movies (and we can provide our own popcorn that is much cheaper than a movie theater), and TV is mostly garbage. So this is our entertainment in the evenings.
..... there's never anything good on television.
Because I am the stereo typical OCD person these games were designed for.
Just one more level...

And its safer to kill Horde then kill my co-workers.
Some times I don't feel like putting on pants and wandering into the outside world.

How about you?

It's like we're connected somehow.
Because my husband works midnights and sometimes overtime til 1pm and my toons keep me company :D
I play WoW because where I live there's really not a lot to do and because I enjoy the socializing aspect of the game. Pants are optional so long as the curtains are drawn and my son's asleep, stupid nosey neighbors.

Maybe I should invest in a robe...
We live in the middle of nowhere. To give you an idea of what I mean when I say "middle of nowhere", there have been mornings where my husband was almost late to work because the neighbor's cows wouldn't get out of our "driveway". "Driveway" is really just a dirt road with some gravel thrown on it. Yeah...WoW or some other kind of video game is a must out here!
relieve stress by killing some mobs
feeling powerful when I tank a raid boss
having fun with some gaming friends
getting lost in the WoW universe
I play it now for a lot of reasons; sometimes I think it's to save my marriage - I don't like most TV shows and I *certainly* don't like his flipping through all the channels! The games he plays are not ones I like - that is if they were co-op.

I am enjoying the game more in MoP than I did in Cata. There is certainly plenty to do. Most nights all I have time for is getting in the harvest on 12 alts. Someday I'm going to seriously level my battle pets - mostly so I can get all of them. I don't have to feed them or pick up after them and that makes them perfect pets! /hugs Cinderkitty

Playing the game also fuels my writing - I'm 12,000 words into my third fanfic and it might go all the way to 50,000 words.
Actually, I do not know....

I just do
To feed my lewt addiction. It all started one day on the road to Vesper from Minoc in UO, I ganked a high level fletcher and he dropped a Bow of Vanquishing and I was hooked. WoW is just the latest incarnation of my addiction.
I play WoW because it taught me social interaction.

(basement dweller)
I play to try to forget how mean life has been.

I used to be a very active outdoors type.

Life threw me a mean curve.

Now I can wander at a pace I like. Take slow walks in the rain. Snoop around to see what I can find. All this since it is now not possible for me to do such IRl anymore.

A chance to forget.
I play because it's been part of my everyday life since it released back in 2004. I remember coming home from High School and skipping my homework to raid. Later scrambling to do it before class.

I suppose it's just one of those things I will love forever.
someone stole my pants!
I play to keep me sane. I have healthy family, so wow doesn't impact that. It is cheaper than going out to movies, out to eat. (And I dont need to wait in line for it. At least on my server).

I found that I spend more money on pc games when I am not on an active sub. So it is like a gaming budget for me and it is fun to boot.

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