Team QAR seeking Arms Warrior

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
QAR is a raiding team based out of the guild Shift on Dath'remar Horde we are a Semi Hardcore raiding team looking for exceptional players of all classes and specs. We are the second team within Shift and our progression is 6/6 Mogu'shan Vaults and 3/6 Heart of Fear.

Our current recruitment status is as follows -

Fury Warrior, with tank off Spec.
Protection Paladin
Holy Paladin

Part time Protection Warrior

Raid Nights -

Wednesday - 8pm to 11pm
Thursday - 8pm to 11pm
Sunday - 8pm to 11pm
Monday - 8pm to 11pm

Potential recruits must maintain a minimum of 75% Raid attendance whilst on trial, failure to do so may result in and extended trial period or in extreme cases immediate failure of trial. Must have working a microphone with Ventrillo.

If interested leave a post below and some contact details or head to the guild website at which you can apply


Bump for War and rogue
Bump cause I'm not really
Bump for pimp Fury Warrior, bonus if os is prot

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