Character dissapeared after transfer

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Yesterday i transferred a character form an old account i recovered and merged with my new and active account. The character is now on neither account and has been saying it was completed for about 24 hours now, wats up?

Also, i tried the whole making a level 1 to reload my character list... no dice... i just wanna play my pally mannnn.
If you have room for two extra characters on the destination server:

1. Create a new character on that server (preferably not a DK or a Panda).
2. Log into the game with that character.
3. Run to the nearest mailbox and collect/delete all mail (including letters) that you may receive on your WoW account. (If you don't get mail, you can skip this step.)
4. Log out.

This should force the character selection screen to refresh, and your transferred character should now be showing up. You can go ahead and delete the new character if this is the case.

If you do not have room for two extra characters, following the above steps on a different realm should also work.
I tried that several times and it isnt working for me :/

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