Who is your favorite blue?

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12/05/2012 10:27 PMPosted by Illu
Now that you mention it I should probably pay more attention to it.

Don't worry, Bash.

I'll pay attention to your butt for you.
Wow i check back on in this thread and it looks rather hostile in some spaces. Suprised to see the blues in here playing ball. Things change from love to hate fast on these forums.
Bashiok ditched me gosh

#i'm voting for Zarhym now. lol
Tigole and Kalgan

CM's, Drysc (get back in your tree Bashiok! .... NOW!), Nethaera and Z
Bashiok ditched me gosh

#i'm voting for Zarhym now. lol

Vote for Pedro instead.
12/05/2012 10:43 PMPosted by Metapawz

No requesting a blue to come to a thread is... I never asked or expected a blue to post here, Yet despite what you said countless different blues have posted and re-posted here.

I quoted directly from the welcome: please read. It doesn't say requesting them to come in, it says exactly as I quoted.

If it was such a huge deal i'd imagine they would have done something about it. Like locking and deleting the thread. Which they have no fear of doing. Besides, whats some harm in getting to know one's playerbase right?

/sets up a brick wall

/yell "Hey Bornakk!"
12/05/2012 10:48 PMPosted by Velantha
I was just messing around. Clearly none of the blues care, they're commenting, glad to be involved with the community, and I'm glad they're here too. I love teh blues. I just like to mess with people.

I should have known I have like three friends who do this type of things to me on a daily basis but I always fall for it...


I-I'll be in my room.


Without people to fall for jokes and gags we'd be a very unfunny people. Someone's gotta be the butt of the jokes for them to live on. Besides laughing at oneself is healthy.
Used to be Eyonix, and Crygil. I guess if I have to go with current, it might be, uhhh, Zarhym maybe?
I have long been an admirer of a certain floating skull.

12/05/2012 06:03 PMPosted by Bornakk


Good boy.

I get this creepy feeling reading this post and seeing that orc avatar. >_>

Anyway... I like all of the CM's, but I'd have to say Bashiok is my favorite. I can't remember what it was about or what was said exactly, but he told someone off good in this passive aggressive way that was mean and polite all at the same time. It made me lol.
Zarhym and Neth <3
Now, now. It's not a competition.*

*It is totally a competition.

lololol. I, uh, vote for Daxxarri.
I have to say mine are Rygarius and Daxxarri Though I like most of them these two are my favorite.

What are your favorites?

My favorite Blue has yet to be hired at Blizzard yet. You know, the one who collects honest feedback about the game from players in a meaningful way, relays that feedback to the developers, and then becomes indirectly responsible for changes which end up fixing the game, making it better for everyone who plays it.

Yeah, that guy (or gal) has yet to be found by Blizzard.

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