Who is your favorite blue?

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..because he doesn't get upset when I correct his typos/grammatical errors.

12/05/2012 05:49 PMPosted by Rygarius
Is 'all teh blues' a valid answer?

It works for me. *loves everyone* <3
My favorite blue is B02, Robin's Egg Blue. Oh, you mean a person.

I enjoy working with everyone on Community Team. Is 'all teh blues' a valid answer?

Nope! You have to pick one and only one Blue Ryg.

*pulls out the Red Rider Air Rifle*

Don't make me use this on your Coffee Cup. Answer the question or the cup gets it.
12/05/2012 05:24 PMPosted by Yubz

12/05/2012 05:53 PMPosted by Lull
Is 'all teh blues' a valid answer?

It works for me. *loves everyone* <3

Don't trust her! She will try to Lull us!
Crithto! He's a fuzzy pug!
Love ALL the blues!

But I always feel a little warm and fuzzy when I see Bashiok or Zarhym lay down the law on the forums.

But much love for the CM team! <3
12/05/2012 05:55 PMPosted by Crithto

*Gives blue a dog treat and pats you on the head*
sapperwix all the way bow before his might
the the story forum blue Nyorloth...........who got LAID OFF!! :(
Now, now. It's not a competition.*

*It is totally a competition.

DAXX! Put your pug Crithto on a leash, he's running loose last found him here http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7321162286. Should get him before he poops everwhere ;)
12/05/2012 05:55 PMPosted by Crithto


Good boy.

12/05/2012 05:24 PMPosted by Yubz

You have over 10k achievement points and you're not a gnome, compliment accepted.
I enjoy any I see really.

People get so angry when they talk it's quite entertaining XD

Because he's the only one I've seen an IRL picture of, and he is exceedingly cute, and I am a !@#$%^-*!@#$ female who is completely and utterly shallow in some regards.

EDIT: I was unaware the standard term for "not gay" was considered profanity. Heh.
I'm quite fond of cerulean. It's a real pretty color

12/05/2012 04:59 PMPosted by Sandse
It's shocking, right? I know there are several of us that have nominated our favorite Femtaur by emailing they're MVP address :D

And myself

I miss Datth. He just had to go and get a "promotion". :(

The other technical support blues are still cool, though!
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