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HTTP Status 404 -

type Status report


description The requested resource () is not available.
Apache Tomcat/5.5.35


That's what I got when I clicked the launcher's link. O.o

Anyone else had any problems with it?
I get the same thing from navigating directly there too :|a

♥ Aune
Yep, same here.
I want a kitty...but lots of people seem to have kitty problems
It seems that the Blizzard Store is currently down for maintenance.
Says the site is down for Maintenance, try again later and see if it's back up and get the little cute kitten!

12/05/2012 05:06 PMPosted by Koora
I want a kitty...but lots of people seem to have kitty problems

Even if you don't get the kitty immediately the $10 goes towards Hurricane Sandy victims so it's worth nonetheless.

Apache error means it didn't process though there was an error and the server could not send/receive/accept it.

I got one today, but it's only showing up on 1 server, not on the other servers I also play on.

If the site is down for maintenance that would explain the Apache error message. Just be patient, if you don't have it within 72 hours probably sooner (24 hours) as it states it will be immediately placed onto the account, then open a ticket.
Whew! Got mine just it time, it seems.

Pet or not, The Red Cross would sure appreciate the help. I live in very south Alabama where we're used to hurricanes. Those poor yankees had no idea what was coming for them. One of my best friends died in that mess; his house flooded, then the shelter flooded, then the next shelter flooded and froze, then he got stuck on a bus waiting for someone to figure out where to take them after that, and sick and soaked & freezing by then, he died. It's kinda hard to imagine how that sort of thing could even happen nowadays.
Odd, this seems to be working for us. Are any of you still receiving an error when you click on the link that's displayed in the Launcher? If so, can you share the details with us?

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