need help on disc

so its mop. Ive played this toon for almost a year now and have always loved pvping on it. Just recently started pushing for rating on this priest and hope to get 2k. I dispel (have mouseovers for quick dispels) predict MDs (unless im getting absolutely tunneled) used to death pollies but that glyph is gone, have 9k spirit (still go oom crazy fast) and play completely defensive as i cant risk getting ccd. Im constantly losing and only go in for fears when peels are needed or a cc is needed during te situation. So my question to only priest who have xp, is what can i do to increase my rating. Ive had success this season with comps but soon as we get 1700 hey man sorry gtg, 3 days later no log in so i quit the team. Just wondering tips literally every tip you can throw at me. I like to think im an experienced player and good so even the things that only experienced priest do throw at me. IM ALL EARS :D
This is just a straight up terrible season to be trying to break your previous rating record, sorry dude.

Your options for rating are to play with classes that can get fast kills using overwhelming skill (like the old RMP), but that doesn't really work at low rating since no one has any skill to capitalise on, or if you really wanna try improving your disc play, good friggin luck because everything skill based you try tends to end in you getting punished hard for leaving a pillar for 3s. Disc is really healbotty atm.

Let me know if you work something out other than exceptional healbot (good dispels, excellent LOS, excellent spell selection for mana conservation, reaaaaaaaally good decision making (knowing precisely when a fear is worth the risk), and good partners.
Here is a video of 2k Disc, it's a lot about predicting damage and being smart with your heals. You don't spam flash heal as you did in Cata.


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