[A] Seeking 2xDPS 1xHeal for aussie raid team

Australian Guild <Logical Progression> is looking for more! www.lpguild.net/

Raids are at 8:15pm Sydney / Melbourne time, and go till 11pm.

EDIT: Our raid schedule (Aside from booze-laden Christmas interruptions) will be Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday until the end of February 13, at which time it will be open for re-negotiation based on member preference and availability.

We’ve only been MOP raiding for three weeks, and we’ve killed at least one new boss a night since beginning.

The roster currently stands at:

  • 2 x Tanks (Pally, Warr)
  • 1 x Hybrid Melee (Feral Druid / OS Tank)
  • 1 x Melee (Rogue)
  • 3 x Healers (Druid, Priest, Shammy)
  • 5 x Ranged DPS (2x Mage, 1x SPriest, 1x Hunter, 1x Warlock)

Our dream list is:

  • A healing monk
  • A dps deathknight
  • A boomkin / kitty hybrid

..................but we don't always get our dream list, so we're willing to talk to anyone who can fill one of the roles that we've listed. Cloth DPS is one area we're a little heavy on in terms of loot-love, but we've been quite lucky with pattern drops to date.

What we want in a raider:

  • Preparedness - happy to read and contribute to strategy!
  • Reliability and communication - when life gets in the way, an SMS lets us know youre ok!
  • Able to point out execution errors in a constructive way. No anger or name calling!
  • Able to own up to, and take actions to correct mistakes.
  • Available to regularly raid. There is not a minimum requirement, and RL does happen, but we want to see you around a few times in a fortnight if youre not away on holidays!
  • Mature outlook
  • Capacity to think before speaking. We're on the internet. You don't know whether a person is of a specific racial background, or sexual persuasion, so sterotypical jokes are probably not going to land too well. If you're a hater, like passionately, vehemently, uncontrollably have a hatred towards anything other than spiders, then we're NOT going to be the right fit for you.

What you get:

  • Lvl 25 Guild Perks
  • Mumble Server (Aust hosted too!)
  • Guild Website and Fourms
  • Guild Funded Repairs
  • Flasks and Food
  • Potions
  • Fair loot distribution(EPGP)
  • Fair raiding time (Small team = MAX 1 night a week on standby, more like 1 / ftnight)
  • Help with gems, enchants, belt buckles etc
  • A friendly, no drama raid enviroment
  • A voice! Yes, you get to have a say!
  • Really, really, really terrible puns from our crazy mage. They make you almost laugh from groaning.

About Us

We are a small, close-knit active team, that was founded to avoid drama and progress through wow in a logical, organised fashion.

So whether you want to play for hours a day, or literally turn up just for raids, we can be the place for you!

We formed up in October 2011, and rapidly cleared the normal modes of Firelands and Dragon Soul, and moved into heroics, because, let's face it - the tier wasn't overly challenging.

We're mostly Eastern Seaboard Aussies - and our raids commence at 8:15pm Sydney/Melb time - with a few loveable Americans (and an expat!) in the mix for good measure

The raid core group is 33% Female, one of the highest number I've encountered in my 6 years of playing. It makes for a very organised raid environment!!!!

Some of us are couples, some of us are parents, all of us are great friends...... but we have more love to spread around. It's not an impenetrable clique at all - we welcome you into the fold.

We're mature, and self-governing. Officer's are not there to lord over the peasants and claim conjugal rites on their wives..... it's rather boring in fact.

We make a lot of consumables and organise the raid teams, and do math, and type stuff.... and... and.... stuff.

We use the EPGP system of loot allocation, so you get fair reward in return to your effort. We also have a standdown ratio system, so if you are available but dont get a spot in the raid that night, you will get your fair share of raiding still.

We keep our numbers small to make sure we have a consistent, cohesive team.

Unfortunately with the natural attrition of "I cant be bothered" of a new expansion, we've now got a team that only barely has the bums-on-seats required to get a raid off the ground - and so we return to RECRUITING!!!!

So if you're keen, then it's time to get in touch.

Chat to any member in game, add my battle tag, or reply here! shaykay#1492
Adding my battle tag for more spam, er I mean chats with possible recruits :)

Acaila#1598 *

* You need to add one to the number in my tag, call it a turning test.
honestly, his battletag is probably a better idea as aside from raid time, I wont be on too much this week. But you can email me! see website for contact details
12/05/2012 09:12 PMPosted by Shaynavyre
Really, really, really terrible puns from our crazy mage. They make you almost laugh from groaning.

Just for prospective applicants' information, mumble does have individual mute functionality.

-- Resident crazy mage.
Edited to update our {Christmas Period Aside} Raid Schedule till the end of February 2013.

This will be open for re-negotiation based on member preference and availability in Feb.

For now though, raids are:

  • Wednesday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

I will attempt to contact each respondee who has provided a method to do so in the next few hours. If you haven't given contact details, please see whether the attached schedule suits you and re-state your interest!


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