Guardian Spirit Instantly Killing Me

So when I use Guardian Spirit in Arena or RBGs it instantly kills me. Even if I use it at full life it kills me around 50% of the time I pop it. I opened a ticket and the GM said they new about the issue but had no fix in the near future :( So in a game were a geared warrior can littlerly global you I cant use my main cd because it will kill me faster than he will...Seems fair
Is that what happens?? I just thought my lvl 88 priest was getting THAT crit'd lol
I find that it only works about half the time when I use it on myself. The other half of the time, it doesn't help due to being focused and bursted to death. I've rarely seen it function correctly when I put it on someone else. Sad that such a powerful CD remains completely broken.
Is this happening in PvE? I haven't insta-killed anyone but I don't want to pop GS just to watch a tank eat dirt!
Hopefully this is hotfixed soon. Although blizzard hates priests, so it might take a bit
I've noticed multiple GS failures since the 5.0 patch. Kinda aggravating when the spell just randomly decides to not work.

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