Dark Summoner help?

I'm at rank 7, on the Dark Summoner and I just can't seem to get him ...

Has anyone beaten him got any tips? I just can't seem to get enough DPS going to beat the ghosts down enough and just not enough burst DPS to burn the Summoner while he's able to be DPS'ed.
I can help you out on your spec if you want.

Glyphs: Dark binding and glyph of mind spike would be better.

Talents: FDCL, Halo would be best.

Fight requires movements so instant spells are always nice to have.

Make sure to kill the first add right away so you can spend time dpsing the boss before the next add comes out. After that kill the adds when they spawn while still mantaining dots on the boss if the shield is down. When the boss is low enough to zerg do so while kiting the adds to avoid dying.

You're gear is a bit iffy but shoudl be fine if you have raid buffs going into it plus pots you can get from the vendor in there
I started by using DoTs on the adds, but it didn't work well for me. I had better luck with Mind Spike spam on the adds, as I didn't feel they lived long enough to warrant DoTs.

Twist of Fate and From Darkness Comes Light are two very good talents on this fight. Twist of Fate in particular is really good, because once you get that first ghost down you have the buff up for most of the fight. This also makes it easier to burst down the next ghost so you have more activity on the boss.

Use nameplates if you aren't already.

If you can safely survive to the enrage, you know when it's time to burn the boss and when to keep killing ghosts. Part of this fight is knowing when to go for it and when to hold off.

If it makes you feel any better, you're not missing much because the next fight is a gear check fight, far moreso than this one. =\
Awesome thanks for the tips.

Yea, my gear isn't the best - *Shrug* I've been playing around with talents/glyphs to try to get things to work well.

Again, thank you! :)
For all ghosts after the first one, just cast Mind Blast on them, then put DoTs up and go back to DPSing the summoner until you can use Shadow Word: Death on a ghost. They'll die just quickly enough for the summoner to basically always be vulnerable - the shield went back up for like a second or two during my kill - and you'll have much more time to DPS the summoner. Divine Star is much better than Halo, both because of targets being close to you and because of the extra healing.
Don't forget you can Shackle one. Useful for when you get a bad spawn location and want to move, or have one too many out.

But yeah, as Multicidez mentioned - start getting that gear together if you want to get past the next fight.
I would always dot up the adds even if he was vulnerable, they die really fast and if you have multiple dots rolling you can kill them really really fast with procs.

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