<<< Wild strike proc >>>

When wild strike procs (at least I presume that the ragged red parenthetical shapes in the middle of the screen is a wild strike proc) I click on Wild Strike and get the following:
action not ready OR standing too close to target. In any event, clicking on the spell does not work. It will not cast. Could someone enlighten my little pea brain as to what is going on?

Thanks much in advance!
all i could think of is maybe you dont have the rage for it but in that case i would think it would say "not enough rage" or "you cant do that yet"

if it procs tho it only costs like 10 per strike so it would be hard to be out of that much rage for long.
Make sure ur offhand isn't red?. Reload UI? Try turning on the setting that has your character speak what's going on (I cant do that yet/need more rage).

Are you able to WS without the proc?
Do you have something else macro'd in with wild strike?
It's the game's subtle way of telling you to stop being a clicker.
Wild strike is on the global cooldown.

You have to wait till it has cooled down before you can hit it, it isn't instantly up just because bloodsurge procced, which is what gives you the red semicircle graphics around your character.

You can cast wild strike at any time the GCD is free.

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