Resto/Warrior Resto/DK: How to beat?

It seems like every other match I play in 2s is one of these two comps (early 1700s.) I play with a disc, and it just seems like an impossible feat unless I get some lucky burst on the druid early on. Vs. a Warrior, i just get peeled all day with double charge/shockwave/intervene. My healer can survive the burst with roots, but after that its just constant sustained damage. Vs. a DK, my healer can't sustain on constant 90k obliterates and his mana pool drains quick. If i sit on the druid i get death gripped >chains of ice > death grip again.

inb4 Roll warrior
inb4 get a new healer
inb4 2s doesn't matter
Disc just isn't very good right now.

All your inb4's would probably help quite a bit though.
their survivability got buffed really hard with 5.1, although they lost a bit of burst outside of mindbender. we get stuck in the low-mid 1700s just by losing to these comps like this.

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