Thunder Focus Tea

I feel this CD could use a little tender loving care.

My idea would be as follows:
Your Renewing Mists Crits have an X% chance to proc Thunder Focus Tea; doubling the healing done by your next Surging Mist or causing your next uplift to refresh the duration of your Renewing Mists on all targets. This effect cannot happen more than once every X# of seconds.

I feel this small change would make monk healing feel a little more smooth and natural rather than cluttered with buff upon buff upon buff for one healing ability. Right now AoE healing consists of Spinning Crane Kick, which doesn't heal for a whole lot, or stacking Renewing Mists (More mana conscious of the two methods), using TFT which at times can be cumbersome when you're paying attention to how many people you've spread it two, instead of doing more productive things like keeping the tank alive.

Also, change Zen Meditation so that it absorbs all kinds of damage, not just spells, so that then Mistweavers have a useful raid CD, and not just a minor situation CD (good for only a handful of fights). Cause right now, monks have nothing, and now they're not even top dogs on the healing meters.

Besides ZM, the only other CD we have really is Revival and Life Cocoon, and their usefulness is lacking in compared to other healing class CDs.
How does making it RNG smooth out monk healing, not to mention turning it into a proc would royally suck in pvp
Well the way its setup now is like juggling chain saws while standing on a tight rope. You could always make that a glyph so that you could choose to use it this way maybe.
I don't see why this need revisiting, it's like the only thing that makes you uplift a full raid.
I like TFT the way it is now. If you're using it properly, you'll be able to make sure all of your raid members are covered (at least in a 10 man) before raid damage goes out so you'll get the most out of your uplifts when the raid needs it. The point is to know when you need to use it most in a fight.
The only change I would like to see to TFT is being able to chug it while casting Soothing Mist, so I could use it as a burst heal macro (TFT -> Surging Mist) while tank healing. I know most people use it exclusively for uplift, but I find it useful to keep the tank up as well, especially post patch. It would be so much smoother than having to cancel my SM, drink TFT, recast SM, cast soothing mist, rather than simply pressing a single button to get a burst heal on the tank. After the loss of EM healing, having a nice emergency heal for the tank would be great.

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