Game crash after an instance boss

Bug Report

I have been encountering this issues since the latest 5.1 landfall patch. Whenever I killed a boss in any random instances, the game client would automatically crash and a dialogue box would appear.

Pls kindly address this issue as it have caused quite a disruption. Thanks.

I have also experienced this many times. Turning off/updating addons did not help.

Although for me this does not happen every boss fight, it seems to happen specifically when I win blue loot from the boss need or greed.
I had this happen when Don Guerrero's Glorious Choker dropped in Scarlet Monastary, apparently I won the roll but didn't know because the game crashed on me when I logged back I had the loot in my bag but it also became soulbound to me which was very frustrating because I could have made 7000g off selling it.

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