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WTS Darkmoon Rabbit, I am willing to trade alliance or horde depending on server but most servers i will trade with. You will be able to reach me on Millar-Alliance on the server Dalvengyr 7pm-12pm certain but i do log on occasionally through out the day.(When the Darkmoon Rabbit is sold i will notify on thread)
How much are you trying to sell it for? I've been looking for one for awhile, but I cant afford to pay the insane prices people are asking.
prolly 100K since there going for 140k on my other server but we will have to see the situation
So are you planning on makeing a toon on someones server to get said gold and pay to xfer back to your realm, or do you expect someone to spend between 25-55 dollars to xfer a toon to your server just to fork out 100k for the overpriced rabbit?
Pets are worth what you agree what they are worth.

Very few people agree they are worth close to or over 100k, but you may be fortuitous.
down to 60k on spirestone ah.
The rabbit i will trade as a battle pet there is no achieve for obtaining him the only achieve is from killing him.
12/06/2012 12:41 PMPosted by Nomm
down to 60k on spirestone ah.

They've been 25-50k on illidan since its been available..
ya but i am the on making the effort to take it over to almost any server
Ill trade you a Mini Mindslayer and Viscidous Globule for it
Sorry not looking for battle pets more of a mount collector
server trades take upwards of a minute. lol. Had Klouie here pop over and trade me for some TCG just last night.

It doesn't up the price, if anything it lowers it because trading is so much more joyously widespread :D. In time it's even possible we will see AH normalization of battle pets due to interserver influences (don't count on it though).
Agreed. Im not sure Blizzard thought that cross server trades would happen like this, or at least not this quickly. People are very smart
Ya i understand that but in my case if i get gold on a random server i must find a way for the profits to some how make it back to my main char.
That's why you trade pets, not gold. Or buy pets on that AH and sell/trade them on your server. You've sort of entered the mindset of interserver trading on the wrong foot. Gold is a relative currency that fluctuates far more heavily than certain pet types.
I got a lot of my pets from the method you are using Millar. Good luck! Hopefully you find a buyer ^_^
Thank you, and i shoulda added this but my preference is to buy or trade for a Onyx Panther. Since im not really into collecting pets as i am into collecting mounts.

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