Brawlers Guild, Two fights[ers] at once

Bug Report
Two people can enter a fight, and have two diff fights going on at one time. You can also get attacted and attact the other persons Spawn.

But not from jumping the rails, like actualy starting up a new fight while the other fight is still in progress. happend to me on accident last night me being a rank one i was next up in line I did something, then joined the ongoing battle with a rank 7 was like, huh what?
[dark summoner Owned me] The brawlers guild announcer even went ahead and Announced me, Everyone in the Brawlers guild was watching saw this happen. I died and lost my spot in Que !!!!! I know exactly how this happend.
I was at the arena watching and I saw one fight start, then another started, then still another one. Three fights happening at the same time.
I've seen this several times as well and have described it in the "Brawler's Guild How To" post. Last night got nuts, as it started happening like 50% of the time around 11:00 PM EDT.
yeah worst part is you will die and lose your place in Que
This is a game-breaking bug that needs immediate attention. Here's my general post:

So I'm in a buff group... 4 people. 2 folks struggling with a rank 7 boss, one new guy, and me working on rank 5.

The rank 1 guy is up, fighting the mogu fire guy. Doing fine.

Suddenly I'm teleported into the ring. ????

I think "maybe this is a feature" - some sort of random mosh pit brawler action. Anyway, I start helping him kill the boss.

Suddenly I see a bunch of greasy leper gnomes running around - I guess my rank 5 boss also decided to join the fight.

We're kiting around, then suddenly one of the rank 7 people gets ported into the ring. The dark summoner guy they've been struggling with appears.

It's chaos, the rank 1 guy gets killed, and I manage to finish off that rank 1 mogu fire boss. I get ported out of the ring and awarded kill credit for my leper gnomes - so does the rank 7 guy.

So now I'm rank 6 even though I didn't actually defeat the leper gnomes (never really got to even fight them), and the rank 7 guy just gets to skip that summoner boss that was giving them such a hard time.

Very strange.

edit: And it definitely needs some looking into, cause obviously me and the rank 7 guy getting credit for killing a rank 1 boss and advancing is no good.

TLDR - Multiple people have been awarded high rank wins by being put into fights with low ranking players and killing their wimpy boss.
I'm dealing with this too, right now on Darkspear. I was in 3 fights with 2 people and 1 fight with 3 people in the last 10 minutes.

3 people = 3 bosses at the same time. This is sooo broken!!!
Just had this happen 3 times in about an hour on Bleeding Hollow. Brawler's Guild is unplayable currently.
Either get rid of this or summon Bruce into my Battletron fight. Either will do.
Well Bliz, congratulations on completely screwing up the Brawlers guild a whole week (or has it been 2?) after its release.
I had this happen as well. Got sucked into some rank 4 fight along with my fight. Needless to say both of us wiped. ~20 min queue at the time :/
I just had this happen to me while I was on my shammy. I was on my third brawl at rank 1 and it teleported three of us in there and awarded me a win despite the fact I hadn't hit a single thing.
I think this is Blizzard's way of keeping people engaged...

I had this happen twice to me...

Once was on Hexos. I got him to .05% on a pull and then proceeded to wipe on end for a little while. Then all of a sudden...this bug occurred...I wasn't sure what was going on so, I just popped everything (like normal) on started to hit anything possible...guess we killed the lower end guy and I received the credit for Hexos.

Second time was last night (6 Jun 13) on Ahoo'ru. I was consistently getting him down beneath 1m hp (close to 357-450K), and then the bug occurred again. I received credit for Ahoo'ru and the rank 10 achievement.

Now, I could not complain and go on my merry way, but this is frustrating, because "I" know that I did not beat those bosses yet. Thus, I'm glad they put the cards in, so that I can go back and down them legit.

Still a not cool.
Necroing this post because it was the first google result for "Multiple people in brawler guild"

A bug of this magnitude isn't fixed yet? I didn't get to fight my rank 2 guys and a rank 7 guy killed mine 3 times in a row. Sure it was easy for him to nuke mine but just because I'm a panda doesn't mean I don't want to smash some face!

This happened 3 times in a row during the time of 10:50 to 11:10pm 3/1/2015

Please fix this, my first time trying the brawler guild out and I get this glitch >.>
This is sadly a bug that's been out ever since the Brawler's Guild was available, and there's really no clear pattern to it. It happens at completely random times, and sometimes you go weeks or months without seeing it.

If you feel like you've been cheated out of your rank 2 bosses however, you can always use the challenge cards to fight them again.
Necroing this again. Happened twice tonight. Possibly tied to having several people queued up, as it hasn't happened when there was only 1 or 2 other people.

Oct 24 2015
BUMP, Nov 2015 this still happens... A LOT...
Today alone, 5 times. over the span of about 2hrs.

3 years, still not fixed.
Necro as it's happened to me a few times in the last couple of days. Both times I was part of a buff party.

I don't think Blizz is going to be fixing this one, and that's fine with me. It's pretty hilarious when it happens, definitely breaks up the monotony.
I had this happen about ten minutes ago. I was queued to take on Yikkan Izu, and I suddenly got teleported into the arena while this death knight was taking on Ixx. And we both managed to live. It was frightening.
Still happening, very annoying when try to complete Ahoo'ru!!!!!
Posting because of something I heard: It's actually an event that occurs, and is supposed to make the fights more challenging. Of course, if you end up fighting Ahoo'ru and Goredome, you obviously did not earn your win against Ahoo'ru. Unless you decided to kill him.

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