18k pt club!

300 pts away. Getting there ;)
17870 now!
I hope to join this one very soon too! ^_^

<--- 50th place achievement point priest
Armory not showing them all but I squeaked in at 18010 so far. One day I'll have the downtime to actually start working on some of these again.
ultra nerds
This thread just makes me feel like a lazy bum.
So close!
lol yea. #1 on my server now, but still 100 short of 18k
I have lots of catching up to do. :(
12/08/2012 02:54 PMPosted by Saraphiel
I have lots of catching up to do. :(

It's the damned PvP ones holding me back. :( And more recently, the raid ones as well. Bleh. Not enough time in the week anymore. *sigh*
I've gotten so little points from this expansion D:
I'm trying. :(
C'mon man.
100 to go!
You can do it Sham!
I'll take a loan of 80 AP if anyone has them spare!

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