I need help purchasing a new TV.

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Hey guys,

So i came on some extra money and would like to get a new TV for the living room.

My preferences:
between $1,000 - $1,500
1080p resolution
60" or above
action movies

Don't know enough about:
if 120Hz is good enough or if 240HZ is worth it.
what brand to go with.
3D TVs
Smart TVs

Thanks on any advice you can provide.
Go to best buy and talk to an employee there. They receive no commissions so have no incentive to up-sale you.
Ive had bad experiences with Best Buy. I guess I could try again but I was hoping someone knew a good website to check out like newegg.com except newegg.com doesnt have any good deals for TVs right now
If you're wanting a large TV and you're now wall hanging it, go with a DLP TV. You can get a huge TV with great quality and are awesome for gaming. They're not usually 240hz capable until you hit the $3k-5k price range but are native 120hz for all others. They're also 3D compatible, like most other good TVs on the market. A Mitsubishi WD-73742 is a 73" TV for about $1600. Downside to a DLP is you can't wall hang most models and a bulb might go out within the first 3-5 years.

If you're wanting the clear glass-like look similar to a plasma (this does look amazing for gaming too). I don't actually recommend a plasma but rather you're better off with a newer LED TV. If you go LED, the popular advertisements in the newspaper don't usually show you the good quality TVs to pick from. Go one level higher, these should be in your price range still. See (Sony KDL55HX750 and/or Samsung UN55ES7003) for popular brands.

Smart TV functionality is found in most newer TVs but not all of them have the same level of intelligence. Smart can mean audio streaming, video streaming or a fully functional computer built-in. When going to purchase one, make sure you know what kind you're looking for.

I personally use a DLP TV and have for about 5 years now (my bulb is still going strong - knock on wood). I didn't have a need to wall hang and sit on average 8-12 feet from my TV. I have direct sunlight in my room to my TV.

Sitting so far back meant I would need a larger screen 55-75" at least. I chose a 60" at the time due to price savings. With the sunlight, I absolutely would not want a Plasma or glossy screen LED. So I had LCD or DLP left. DLP for the size was about $1500 cheaper. For my games and movies/sports, it's great.

You'll need to decide most of this for yourself.

Things you need to keep in mind when shopping for a TV:

1) How far back are you sitting from the TV (average distance will do).
2) How much lighting is in the room. Is it direct sunlight or from the sides. Lamps, reflections, etc all go into this category.
3) Wall hanging or sitting on a table?
4) TV speakers or surround sound?

Things you asked about:

120hz vs 240hz: 120hz is good enough for nearly everything except higher quality blu-ray movies (similar quality streaming services) and some games (not many). Sports aren't hitting that 240hz currently and the ones that claim to, there's no noticeable difference.

3D TVs: The titles are limited here but growing rapidly. The models I mentioned here are all 3D compatible. Each with their own pros and cons. I won't go into detail here, plenty can be found online. Some games are compatible with 3D technology. Some of the higher quality TVs can turn non-3D content into 3D.

Smart TVs: As mentioned above, it varies greatly. If you're using a computer on your TV or other popular gaming console, this idea is kind of moot. If you really want a "smart tv," grab something like the Kaser YF810-8G. This is a full android computer for your TV. You'll find this to be a complete OS vs what's available on most TVs built-in.

Note: Some people may or may not get warranties here. I will point this out. IF you choose you want an extended warranty, go with a SquareTrade warranty. They have the best warranties on the market, even beating AppleCare. TigerDirect/CompUSA does now sell these warranties if you want to buy from a store. I will sometimes buy a product from BestBuy or whatever and buy a warranty at TigerDirect, to feel better about my warranty.

Hope this information helps you find the best road for you.
Wow! I appreciate you taking the time to explain all this for me, Xiongmaoren. I'll keep this info in mind. Thanks again.

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