About to level a warrior but..

I am a prot tank right now. I love tanking but was going to go with warrior for a dps class. I don't know if I should go with fury or arms. On fury you can have 2 2handers or 2 1handers. Which is better. I don't pvp. I just PVE. Run dungeons ect. I want to raid with my guild and thye don't have any decent warriors to raid with them which suprised me as many people as we have. So I thought I'd ask those who've played warrior and are experienced with the mechanics.

Which does more dps in the long run?
Fury warriors are in a great spot right now.

Though really, you probably should just deck your ret spec out. It's almost the same DPS and you don't have to go through the leveling heartache.

Fury generally simulates as having more DPS on Patchwerk-style fights (sit there and hit buttons) with 1h Fury being ahead of 2h by a small margin simply because they can generate more rage for Execute phases. With Fury, just stick with whatever weapons you can obtain.

In the end, though, you'll do better in the spec you feel the most comfortable with. I've always been Fury and I've done fine.
Decided to switch my pally to ret/holy so my warrior will be prot. Woot! We don't have any prot warriors in my guild. But have to finish this guy first.

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