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Aerie Peak
Wondering if anyone would be interested in starting a raiding guild here in Aerie Peak dedicated to those that can play late at night due to real life obligations. For example, I work from 2pm to 10pm server Wednesday through Sunday and go to school in the morning. If such a guild already exist I would like some info. Thank you in advance.


Aerie peak has way too many east coast players for this.

When your work schedule is super messed up, sometimes raiding EU is better.

For instance, right now in SF its 7:38 AM,
in London it is 3:39 PM.
With a difference of 8 hours, raiding anywhere after 11pm AP server time is actually anytime after 7 am in London. This would allow you to raid with jobless early birds in Europe, but this is also unlikely.
12/07/2012 07:43 AMPosted by Chaingirl
When your work schedule is super messed up, sometimes raiding EU is better.

Then you'll have to buy new WoW copies and relevel all your characters.

Also there's always demand for a late ngiht guild on AP they just never stay around because the recruiting is terrible and people don't wanna work things out with each other. Or they see a server ripe for the picking for server first achievements and go there (example being Late Crew)
Thanks for info =)
There are loads of late night guilds that raid that late, actually, but none of them raid on AP, unfortunately. Server transferring is probably a lot easier than rerolling EU, though.

If you're open to the idea of server transferring, I recommend looking in the guild recruitment forums and searching for late night guilds. It might be easier to make your own post with "LF late night raiding guild" in the title, and they will flock to you.
Ok will do. Thanks

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