Faction changing my monk!

Hey guys, so I'm debating on a race to choose, I could go panda again but I don't wanna play one anymore lol, besides Gnomes, what races come remotely close in comparison with Pandarens as far as min maxing?
    Expertise with swords/maces
    Free trinket
    Increased spirit

    expertise w/ maces
    frost resistance

Night Elf
    2% avoidance
    Nature resistance

    3m CD HoT
    1% hit
    shadow resistance
    5 free JC skillpoints

Depending on what spec you use more/raid with, these are your options besides pandaren and gnome.

They each have one or two more bonuses but they don't pertain to PvE or PvP, so I didn't include them.

If you're BM, I would go either NE or dwarf. WW I'd go draenei, human, or dwarf. Mistweaver, either gnome or human.
Right now in pvp human / nightelf / gnome and possibly dwarf if you really want a bleed dispel come ahead, and it's really more personal preference as to which is stronger in low to mid rated pvp.

Pve (DPS) in the current tier is panda > draenei > gnome = dwarf = human > nightelf
but one thing that is often overlooked, is that during progression a panda loses more than any other race by dieing, and in comparison all the other races I listed above have an alternative defensive racial that pandas do not. (hot, shadow meld, trinket, stoneform, root break)
Wow I was surprised Draenei was even considered, that's great hopefully it'll bring that races representation up a little. I atleast thought that Human would be above draenei.
It's mostly the hit rating for DPS. Humans have expertise for swords, but not everything you use may be a sword. The hit works for everything. The 20% heal Draenei have isn't bad in a pinch either.
Yeah I also thought about night elf still unsure, either night elf, human or pandaren
If you're going alliance, you go human.

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