get an npc scan, make sure loque isn't cached, and try to check for him around 4am server time - start flying at about 10 minutes to four and go through spawn areas a few times - if he's not there by 4:20, someone probably got to him. I've seen him spawn at about that time - twice in less then a week. once he was killed by the time I got there and all I saw was his body (but I started flying at about 4:05) second time I started looking slightly earlier, and that was when I tamed him.

good luck! (I mean... you'd have to be online anyways, might as well take matters into your own hands)
problem is your horde friends keep killing them and laughing when I try to tame and I am in no mood to stand around 2-5 hours again
that's why I suggested 4 am or hereabouts. there's almost no one around there and if you get there just before and start looking? you have a high chance of actually taming him (I found that starting at baby monkey enclosure spawn point and then going around clockwise works best, at least it did for me). and if you miss him that night? just try the next, don't stand around and wait. whoever you might ask to get him for you, won't be able to save him long enough for you to get there either, if you are not already online and in basin.
Good luck man. I tamed him last week at around 6AM server time. If I happen to see him again I'll be sure to swap over and let you know.

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