Coming back after a long break...

So i have not played wow in what feels like forever and i did not think that i would ever come back to it but like any good drug here i am, i picked up the new expansion and just jumped right in...

Now i don’t want to go back to playing any of my characters old characters, i feel like i have played them to death to be honest. i have a warrior, priest, dk and a rogue

i want to try something new and it the class had to able to tank so i was on the fence between a druid and a pally. But then I noticed monk class is able to tank and that peaked my interests a bit.

So i just have a few questions before i make my choice!

for a casual player will i be able to lvl up and gear up my monk relatively easily?

I have read that the learning curve can be steep for learning to play a monk but for someone who has tanked as both a warrior and a DK in raids do you think it will be a problem?

Also i read that monks are as good tanks as every other class in terms of taking dmg and holding agro is that true?

Any other pro tips?

also is there any reason why i should not make an UD monk?
You should definitely try the monk class. It's one of the reasons I was pulled back into WoW. It's an interesting class, and can definitely tank.

Gearing up is not an issue for any class more than any other. In general, monks would be most likely to be using the same gear as DPS/tanking druids or rogues.

Monks can be hard to play well at the endgame, but that's true of most classes. Leveling up from 1-90 should ease you into it. I can't speak for the tanking class specifically, but I have seen monk tanks and they seem to do okay. There are even some top guilds who use monk tanks for certain fights.

A lot of people are sort of married to their main characters because of their guild's needs. You have the opportunity to reroll to a new main and have fun with a new class as someone just coming back to the game. It's a great opportunity to try something new!

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