Is Strength that good?

I currently have the helm from the Headless Horsemen that is only Ilvl470 but has a increased amount of strength on it with a total of 934str.

What I'm wondering is if that str is enough to make it substantially better than say my 483 raid finder T14 which only has 844str.

I've been told that Str makes a HUGE difference and that I should just go with what ever has the higher strength, and in this case it would mean droping my Teir gear for the headless horsemen helm, and that doesn't make much sense to me.

So could someone please enlighten me on some Ret stat weights?
Our set bonuses are really good. The Horseman's Helm has a ridiculous amount of strength, but I wouldn't break a tier bonus to keep it.
It's better than the tier piece if it doesn't cost you a set bonus.

The Horseman's helm every year has had a wildly unusual budget, because it has had some of the stamina budget moved into the strength budget, which is basically not ever done. Primary stats are supposed to be based exclusively on ilvl, and between that and not having a crappy +rating as the socket bonus, it's very, very much better than the ilvl would indicate.
I would recommend holding onto your HH helm until such time as you acquire that fifth piece oftier, so you can go back to the helm - what I intend to do, if I can ever get more tier to drop for me. Upgrade it, too, when you can afford to spend the VP on it for even more insane goodness.
lol. That one is kind of a funny for some reason.

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