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Bleeding Hollow
Totem is a 10 man casual raiding guild looking for mature, fun-loving, members to experience Mists of Pandaria content. We have experienced MOP LFR content and now are looking for people to help push into 10 man normal content. Please leave all elitist attitudes and drama at the door when inquiring. Still in need of a tank, dps, and healz. Once we are able to get a full grouping, we will decide some type of schedule to accomodate all. If you are interested send a message to Faeriaris, Quorn, Promonous, or Poomise.
We are still recruiting everything. http://totemtotemtotem.guildlaunch.com
/Bump for love
/Hands love
/bump it
Still looking for a few more
what times do u raid
still looking for more, tryin to get 25, currently have 2 10's workin on current content. need @ least 5-6 more ppl
raid times are 8ish pm to 11ish pm, usually thurs, and sun.
are you guys in need a a Windwalker monk i am looking ot transfer here soon just dont want to without having a guild to join

currently no dps monks in our raid grps
Still looking for more people.
Looking for healers and tanks
looking for all
Two active recruitment threads are definitely necessary.
definitely necessary.
definitely necessary.

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