[A] <Monster Squad> Looking to Joint Raid

Burning Legion
<Monster Squad> has a core PVE group of about 5-6 dedicated raiders (most have been raiding since vanilla) and we're looking for the same amount of players from another guild who would honestly like to raid and progress, but don't necessarily wish to leave their guild to join us. This can be a mix of healers and dps.

Only requirements are a good attitude, dedication, minimum ilvl of 470, able to raid Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 7-11 server time.

Our current progression is 4/6 Mogus'han Vaults and 1/6 Heart of Fear. We only do 10 man raids.

Anyone meeting this criteria is encouraged to contact any officer if they wish to join our guild.

Like the idea of joint raiding? Leave an in-game message to Thécuré or myself. Thank you!

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