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I'm currently using a Razer Naga and MacBook Pro. As my hand's always on my mouse I use a combination of my mouse (the default right click and left/right click together to move) and QWE keys to move. But I've got a hand injury which has gotten worse recently (waiting for a MRI and possibly operation right now), to the point I can't work the keys/buttons on my Razer Naga mouse. However, I am still fine to use my computer's touchpad mouse (and I'm willing to sacrifice the use of the divine hotkeys on my mouse :P ).
As you might be aware, the MacBook Pro (mine is the late 2011 model) has the 'multi-touch' commands. Which I had hoped to use for movement and camera control (e.g. I've got a three-fingered command setup to work like clicking and dragging, which would be perfect for moving ingame).

Here's my problem... (as far as I am aware) you are unable to bind actions to these types of commands. So I would love it if anyone has a way around this?? Or if there's a possibility of Blizzard making some changes to allow this?

Thanks a heap :)

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