Unbalanced crowd control...

Wtf is up? Realizing this is prob a burnt up topic. Im still ranting...
Talent into a range cc lose the melee stun.
Gimp the range cc and its all melee range.
How come rdruids and hpallies get the goods and the mw monk is stuck pretending to kungfu chop with a bag full of broken tools? Arena as mw monk is zero(0) fun

Sorry, but sitting in a pounce, cyclone rotation, followed by either a bash stun or a disorient followed by a displacer beast pounce into a cyclone rotation added to the other cc combos from teammates is just stupid.
Hpally is almost as bad...
Lets leave the karate chopp'n to the ww monks plz thanks
Remove all the CC they introduced in MOP = problem solved.
Serpent Kick in Spear Hand Strike to a blanket silence, Jab a little, kick a little, Leg sweep a little bit later, double jab with a kick before doing the punch-line, followed by another high kick into paralysis to double disable slap with another time to make him silence into a upwards kick.

If any of the above cc fails due to trinket/peels, repeat every 45 seconds. It's the only way to kill a healer as of now.

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