More BM PVP Hunter questions.

I was doing some arenas last night and things are going....not horribly, but I know that they could be better.

One of my issues though seems to be with the down time. I try to get people to blow their cool downs and CC's, then go into my burst of; Trinket, Stampede, Rapid Fire, Rabid+Beastial Wrath. Kill Command, while popping off Arcane Shots to dump focus Cobra shots to regain focus and and refresh my sting.

However....If someone survives it, my sustained damage until my next burst seems very..... lacking. I think I'd have a pretty hard time remedying this. Suggestions?

Also, What are some of the better Hunter comps right now? I'm running with a resto druid, but we just aren't doing too hot.
Try running with a paladin and a warrior or feral.

Just make sure you make use of your tranq shot ability, and remember to master's call your warrior if you're playing KFC. There's so many mages out there, you can tranq their ice barrier and freedom ur warrior, that itself will put out pressure in between your cd's. If you're versing god comp, and you're going their mage, make sure their spriest is in cc before you trap the healer, otherwise it'll just get mass dispelled and it will feel like you guys are not having any pressure at all.

Also I tend to use rapid fire and stampede separately. I don't know if that's the right thing to do, but seems to work out fine, usually do my rapid fire + on use trinket on the initial burst, and save stampede for that kill moment after most cd's been popped by both teams.
try saving rapid fire for in between burst windows. using bw, the cost of your shots is reduced by 50% and you will focus cap with rapid up. the pvp power from rf is nice with the nuke, but much more useful as a haste cd for cobras. it will help with the low sustained damage too. i try to avoid rapid fire and focus fire at the same time also, i always go by the haste standard: if my cobra takes less than a gcd im "wasting" haste (softcap).
It's probably in your best interest, if going for a kill, to use rapid fire during your burst window because of the 2 piece bonus.
12/06/2012 03:30 PMPosted by Hitenmaru
However....If someone survives it, my sustained damage until my next burst seems very..... lacking.

Tis the nature of the beast, beast mastery that is.

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