How are DKs OP?

Death Knight
I'm trying to wrap my head around this, outside of the RNG burst and Howling target calling why are DKs so strong and sought after for RBG?

Little to no tools at your disposal, rather average def (Granted better then a Pally Base line due to blood pres), and pretty easy to train/control, yet they still seem to do amazingly well when all things given should not.

I'm genuinely trying to figure this out, not QQ or any of the such. Just a numbers are not adding up kinda thing.
12/06/2012 04:30 PMPosted by Talva
why are DKs so strong and sought after for RBG?

Gorefiend's Grasp into Frost bomb/chaos wave/shockwave is godly.

Howling blast means the entire enemy team is slowed and has dots ticking all the time.

Howling blast is not "meter padding". Every point of damage you inflict is damage that has to be healed. You're straining the enemy team's healers by making them keep hots rolling or cast expensive AoE heals.

Death grip allows you to force enemy team members out of position.

Blowing all cooldowns (pillar of frost, strength trinket, etc.) allows you to gib someone on a target switch.
12/06/2012 04:42 PMPosted by Hideyawífe
if you really think dks are op you should probably hang yourself with your parents bed sheets

Alright, calm down there slugger.
The fact is. Dk's are supposed to be faceroll in frost. This is why they're such effective target callers. Our rotation is literally 3 buttons with the occasional burst. This allows us to focus less on our rotation, and be more effective leaders/target callers in RBG's.

Take it from me. I Lead/Target Call/Strat Call/CC Call as frost in 1900+ RBG's all at the same time.
12/06/2012 04:42 PMPosted by Hideyawífe
dks are not op what so ever, in fact there one of the worst classes for pvp period, they do well in rbgs because they have a lot of cleave damage and just meter pad. if you really think dks are op you should probably hang yourself with your parents bed sheets

12/06/2012 04:41 PMPosted by Juiceman

Thank you for your constructive feedback, now please crawl back into your hole before another snake claims it as there own.

Now to the people that are not a blight to the class.

I felt HB was a bit too padded of a skill, always have. Wasn't aware it was to such an extant.

To Aj, didn't think of looking at it that way. While i dont agree with soo much damage and the ability to due it with so few skills it does make sense to fill such a role.
PoF is on a one minute cooldown, Howling Blast is a good spammable AoE, and Death Grip is useful for singling out a target from an enemy pack. Hence they're useful for initiating fights in RBGs and slowing everyone.

DKs are far from OP, they just have a very narrow niche in RBGs.
Death knights over all damage out put is what makes them so sought after in rated battle grounds. I have told my team constantly, kill the death knight first. Why? Let that death knight live and the damage he is out putting will slowly start to show. People are just underestimating the death knight class which can pretty much be killed right off the bat in any battle ground hence why getting the first grip is so important.
Death Knights are glass cannons. Emphasis on glass and cannon. Stare at one and he drops fast. As I see it, the way a DK survives a fight is to kill his opponent before his opponent kills him.
12/06/2012 09:30 PMPosted by Irøh
Death Knights are glass cannons. Emphasis on glass and cannon. Stare at one and he drops fast. As I see it, the way a DK survives a fight is to kill his opponent before his opponent kills him.

Whereas mages and warriors are just cannons. Emphasis on cannon.
Another problem is that if you leave the Frost DK alone in a RBG their Howling Blasts will make dispelling a nightmare if the enemy is close enough. So yeah in RBG's they're great. I'd wager Arena not so much.
DKs aren't even marginally OP. Only ONE ability that we have when combined with retarded wizard cleaves makes us useful. We ourselves don't actually do anything, other than fall over at anything remotely resembling DPS.
Deathgrip and gorefiends grasp are powerful.

DKs aren't OP right now, we're actually slightly below average if you go class by class.

Those 2 abilities are somewhat unique and our calling card, but without teamates using THEIR overpowered abilities (Whatevers FOTWeek), we're pretty much 1 trick ponies.

We do some nice damage though, but we're quite squishy.
I am still gearing but I run with a healer in BG's. Otherwise I fall over faster then any of my other toons I play. (Mage/Pally/Hunter etc)

Defensive CD's: Laughable

Should I even try to gear for Arenas or stick to another class ? I want to start doing some competitive PvP. So many toons so little time, can't waste it.
Because dks have arguably the best rbg damage along with utility of necotics and gorefirends grasp which can be game breaking.
You all suck
With the top line being said this is why A Dk are OP in RBGs atm and 2 of them is just silly. With every minute there is a chance for 4 grips and 1 aoe grip 2 dks turns this into 8 grips and 2 aoe grips which makes your team able to kill the other team with out over committing( Which is what gets 90% of melee killed) Now with 3 grips up 1 dk can now pull 1 target we'll say it's a EFC on twin peaks 1 Dk can now pull him from the center of his 10 man 30 yards the first grip root for 3 seconds run back as fast as you can grip with your 2nd grip before the buff wears off(should be about 20-30 yards) then root again for 1.5 seconds run back more, aoe grip with your self as the target(another 20 yards). With that combo as 1 dk you have pulled the EFC at least 70ish yards with a max of 80 yards if on the 2nd grip you are able to have a priest life grip you back so you don't have to run it's even more deadly now add 2 dks to the mix and you can easily pull 1 target over 100 yards from his healers now this forces the other team to put themselves in terrible positioning in order to blow all defensive cds to try and run 60 yards through your team to help a EFC that is already dead to a chaos bolt deep freeze. Dk's are great aoe derp dmg but anyone can do dmg no one else can grip someone 80 yards from the enemy group. A Dk that knows how to use his grips are 10000% better then one that spams howling blast on pillar I'm not even going to get into aoe grips into cc anyone that's had it done to them knows how deadly it is. Another side note I have been making a great solo node defender this season with desecrated ground and frost pres 20% cc reduction there is very little you need to trinket to avoid being 1v1 cap'd now you are still going to need some help if they try to blow all cds and kill you but it should keep the people from trying to clone trap or sap cap you.

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