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Any cat owners around? If so, I have a medical question.

My kitten just hit her first heat, rather prematurely. I was told that you generally couldn't get your cat spayed until 6 months, she -just- turned 5 months and got it. She has an appointment to be spayed next month, but...

Any way to relieve my poor kitty and help her calm down during this time? She sounds like she's in pain or suffering, and keeps crawling around on the floor like she's dying.

I tried looking up advice online, but everyone had a strong case for/against every tactic brought to light.

Any advice/help would be great. I feel so bad for her right now.

p.s: kitty pictures for the daww's.


They act like they're in pain or agitated, but it's really just a noisy act to find a hookup. I know it's tough to see that and feel like she's hurting, but she's really not bothered, she's just bothered.

Some vets advocate doing uh, things with a q-tip to relieve them for a while. You can see what google has to say about it. >_>

You can also give a cat an exceedingly small dose of benadryl to make them drowsy and reduce some of their anxiety. You can look up warnings and recommendations on that as well. :)
Just don't let kitty out. They will be fine!
12/06/2012 02:02 PMPosted by Hellissa
Just don't let kitty out. They will be fine!


NeeeeEEEeeeeed to find a tommmmmhrrrrmmh!!!!

*proceeds to keep you awake at night*
That q-tip thing... oh gods.. no.. NO.

Luckily, I live in a secured building. Meaning, not only would she have to sneak out of my door, but also the hallway doors, down three flights of stairs, out a locked door, and then out another hallway door.
THE SECOND PIC IS SOOO CUTE OMG !!!! I remember when my cat was small... now she is fat

things with a q-tip to relieve them for a while.

Lito has done this.
When I had a cat, which was a very long time ago, as now I'm a weinie dog person. We locked her in the basement for the week while she was in heat (as she was also too young to be fixed at the time.) We had a very big nice basement, so she had plenty of room to cry and throw a huge fit.

But no. She stood at the door, crying loudly, attracting cats to the yard. Her meow brought alllll the boys to the yard.

Thankfully, dogs are more "I smell you" instead of MEROOOOOW.
Don't let Rigsby near it.
Get that .... a male, .... love males.

Oh wait, cats. Can't use the .... word.

..get her a male, still. Or the q-tip deal. I mean.. you only need a quick trip in goldshire to learn all about what you need to do. Find a catform druid, profit.
GREV did you just post a gold ad.
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Spaying at 6 months is more of a personal preference for a vet. There are those that do them younger - 3 & 4 months of age, especially in a rescue organization's case who are interested in getting as many animals rescued as quickly as possible.

You can also have your cat spayed while in heat, though there will probably be a large additional cost.

They make pheromone plug ins for cats that are supposed to calm them, though I'm not sure it'd work for a cat in heat.
I wonder how hard it is to find a cat's c!itoris.
I don't know if they have one...? I got my cat fixed but she still loves to stick her butt up as high in the air as possible, so we get an eyefull whether or not we want it :L It just looks like an entrance.
Sadly, there's not much you can do, except wait it out. I've heard the Q-tip thing before, but...no. Brain bleach is needed for just the thought.
My second kitty was six months when I got her, a rescue. One week later, she went into heat. Crying all night, and making -me- cry all night because I had to get up early for work the next day. I just tried to make her as comfortable as possible with toys, a warm bed, and lots of catnip.
They can be spayed at an earlier age, but I know the vets recommend against getting them done when they are actually in heat. Something about more chances of infection or bleeding.
Id recommend getting a consultation with your vet. Though I wouldnt see anything wrong with keeping her confined until her heat passes. Then take her to get spayed.
Strangely enough, my cat is also in heat right now. I woke up at about five for no particular reason, and she immediately sensed that I was awake and came in to bother me. So I played with her and watched her roll around for a half hour, and she quieted down a bit.

TERRIBLE WORDING IMMINENT: Just play with your cat for a while and tire her out, it'll at least keep her from being so loud.

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