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While I was leveling my monk, I was thinking of what role I want to play once I am level 90 and raiding. I was mistweaver until level 40 or so, then switched to WW. Loved both roles, I just cant decide which I want to do. I have a few questions for both roles.
Do you have high bursts such as a Mage?
Will you have top 10 DPS (out of 25), if you know what you are doing?
Will you be wanted in a raid (regardless of skill)?

Can you keep your mana fairly high during boss fights?
Do you bring an important aspect to the group as a Mistweaver?
Would I be healing a tank or the whole raid?

Sorry if those are unanswerable questions, I am just on the fence if its worth it to level up my monk more...
Monk has no real burst to speak of, but we have stable sustained DPS. So classes with heavy burst will blow past you to start, and you'll catch up to them on the tail end. Unless they can execute, in which case at 20% they'll leave you in the dust.

From the raids I've been in, which is admittedly only LFR with noobs, I've placed anywhere from 10th place on bosses to 2nd. I've only come in 1st once or twice. I can usually hold 1st for most of the fight, but again, at 20% a lot of classes have execute mechanics (e.g. fire mages, warriors, warlocks) and that is when they gain steam and I loose the top spot.

Overall, I'd say middle tier, but I can't speak for end game.

As for wanted, not so much. I never see anyone say NEED MONK DPS. Never. Almost never see NEED MONK TANK either. See NEED MONK HEALS all the time. Well, monk or druid; mostly because they want a leather-class healer.

If I was a raid leader, and I had a monk or druid tank, I would consider a WW monk a last resort DPS. They don't really bring all that much to the table beyond their DPS, though they do have some decent off-heals and good defensive cool-downs. Might consider it if healing was an issue, as they can bring decent off-healing, or its a melee heavy fight. Otherwise, I'd lean towards plate or ranged DPS.

But that's me. Other people might have a different experience.
Okay, thank you.
For Mistweavers, mana is a big problem at the moment. So, don't expect your mana to last long. Mistweavers don't really bring anything to a raid, Our raid cds are terrible. As for your last question, we just heal everything. Blizzard doesn't even know what they want us to do...

Saying this tho, MW healing output is still fairly high. (Don't listen to the complainer/idiots saying that it's a broken spec, because they have no idea). Last night, easily outhealed our 491 resto shaman in HoF/MSV normal.

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