Infinite Whelpling

Pet Battles
I think they have made the spawn rate a little faster, I have logged on to at least 2 up each time, when usually there are 0. Happy Hunting, just got my rare
I have every rare catchable wild pet in the game right now cept a proto-drake whelp and a Sumprush Rodent (in due time. too lazy to farm commissions right now).

The infinite whelping was by far my LUCKIEST catch! It was my 3rd day of hunting these things. I logged onto one of my park alts and the whelping LITERALLY spawned right before my eyes. And it was rare too!
on my 6 try after 30 mins i got the infinite whelpling rare before i got 3 poors and 2 commons
i found it, yet i didnt know it was rare at all and i tried to capture one, i failed because i had a level 5, a 4, and a 1 on my team thing. i would have had it if a stupid stink bug didnt join -.-

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